Testimonials for Tanya Ross

"Tanya's massages are AMAZING!  Knots that I had in my back and neck for 7+ years were gone after 3-4 sessions with Tanya.  Unbelievable!!  Plus she gives you exercises to do that will correct the underlying muscle imbalances which are causing the knots in the first place.  If you are looking for a "rub the oil on, rub the oil off" relaxing massage, she isn't what you are looking for.  But if you have knots in your muscles that are giving you pain, she can definitely get them out.  Unfortunately, I had to move away from Belfast, and I haven't found anyone who comes close to the quality of massages that Tanya gives.  I honestly think about flying back to Belfast just for her massages....they are that good!"

Sheri Taylor (Canadian & Dietitian) May 2011

"I can attest to all of the bodywork offered at TDR Academy. Tanya helped to unravel my fibromyalgia cycle of pain back in 2005/06 with her bodywork techniques. With treatments my symptoms were a lot more manageable and I’m now living a relatively normal life. She listened to me, adapted her techniques to what I could tolerate during sessions and took the time to become more knowledgeable on the subject to offer advice on reintroducing exercise.

More recently, I have been recovering from knee surgery and have called upon her experience again. Tanya has done more for me in 3 sessions than the 4 months of physio I was given! What makes her different from others is that she looks at the person as a whole, taking into account other areas of the body which are indirectly affected and then applies combinations of her techniques to get things back on track. Tanya is highly skilled at what she does and has a genuine passion which is easily displayed by the amount of courses she attends to better her own knowledge base so she can provide the best treatment possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Tanya to anyone."

L. English (IT specialist) November 2014


I just wanted to offer some positive feedback on the back care workshop. I found it to be very informative and practical.  Tanya got us to actually work through the practical advice so we can go back and start using the knowledge now to hopefully make a difference in our work lives.  I’d recommend it to anyone whether they are experiencing pain in their job or not. A very worthwhile course.

G. McCann, Allstate NI (2015)


"Absolutely amazing stuff for my shoulders and back - will continue to see Tanya regularly."

S. Laming (Canine Therapist) July 2016


"Following a back injury, I started attending pilates classes with Tanya and have been going regularly for a number of years now. Each week her structured sessions are different, interesting, challenging, customised to the needs of those present and fun. She is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, always full of cheerful enthusiasm and has more related academic qualifications than anyone I know. My core and my back have never felt stronger, I completely recommend TDR Academy!"

P. Steele (Archer and IT Specialist) June 2016


"I attend Tanya's weekly Pilates class and have been doing so for the last 18 months. I have attended previous Pilates classes and Tanya is by far the best instructor. She is passionate about what she does and every week is different. It's a small class so she pays very close attention to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly. I always recommend her to people and she is also a genuinely lovely person."

J. Whitley (Sales Manager) June 2016


"Just out of my first sport massage session and have the next booked in already! Very useful advice and exercises to take home to help with my posture and muscles. Thanks Tanya!"

L. Heatley Jan 2017


“Tanya delivered us a very informative workshop on the importance of postural behaviour in the workplace. The session was very engaging and eye opening on how workplace behaviours can have an adverse effect on your physical health over a pro-longed period, with subsequent postural imbalances leading to issues such as back and neck pain. Tanya superbly led a demonstration of different measures you can take to set up a healthy workstation, as well as demonstrate some basic daily exercises which can make a big difference to your physical health. Tanya was fantastic, we would strongly recommend this workshop to other businesses and we look forward to having Tanya back again.” 

M. McCord, Rainey & Best, (2017)


"I joined a regular Pilates class at TDR to supplement my other class and glad I did. Tanya always starts by asking what aches and pains you have and then tailors the class around your abilities. There are no compulsory items and safe options are always given if you feel weak or painful in any particular area. On the other hand if you're keen to try to challenge yourself then more difficult options are presented. As a result Tanya helped me through a difficult and chronic sporting injury.

I really came to get a different mental and physical angle on my existing practice and got it in buckets from someone who is approachable, obviously well read, well practised and highly qualified on the subject.

Highly recommend it :)"

M. Powderly April 2017


"Thanks to Tanya for getting me on the road again. Bad Achilles injury in September, three months of treatment with TDR and delighted to say I managed to complete the Ballyclare May Fair 10k on Saturday. Highly recommended so thanks again."

W. Bonar May 2017


"On the 3rd October 2015, my Dad carried me into A&E because I was unable to walk myself with the pain I was having in my back. (I was 38 years old, so not really an ideal situation!) This was the day that I knew things had to change, because I had suffered for years. It affected my work attendance, my family life and my social life, and I was using medication and rest as a cure. 
I had heard about pilates and its benefits, however, I am not a great one for fitness classes and was not particularly fit. But, I took the bull by the horns and googled pilates in my area and Tanya's Academy popped up. 
Initially, I went for a 1:1 consultation, were Tanya did her thing, getting to know my body and its weaknesses, and then I started my first 6 week session in beginners pilates. It was immediately apparent that Tanya knew everyone's body individually, as she starts her classes going round everyone to ask how they are and advises of exercises they may need to adjust to suit them. She is so knowledgable and caring, immediately putting you at ease in her presence.
Today, almost 2 years on from that embarrassing trip to A&E and completely drug free, pain free, I know my body, I know how to hold myself, my core is stronger and I know that I will do pilates forever. 
If I could give a 10* rating I would!!

S. Lynch July 2017


"Honestly, the best person I've been to. 5*"

M. Pinkerton Aug 2017


"After just 1 visit yesterday I am almost pain free today . I have been able to almost do every day tasks without pain I also havnt needed any medication today that's the 1st in 9 weeks. Tanya is most definitely worthy of 5 stars. Thank you so much."

C. Goodall Jan 2018


"I struggled during 2017 with Gastrocnemius injuries, left one following Larne half marathon in March and my right following Belfast half in Sept. Eventually I gave in and employed Tanya to try and work out what was going on. I’m delighted that I’m now on the road to full recovery with a little of my normal pace returning which means so much to this old runner. Tanya, is knowledgeable and instructive and at the top of her game. Thanks Tanya."

S. Gowdy, Jan 2018


Testimonials for Gary Wilson

"To aid my recovery during training for Challenge Galway in June 2016 I visited Gary at TDR Academy on a number of occasions to avail of sports massage therapy. Given his vast experience as an athlete and therapist, Gary aka ‘Dub’ has a fantastic reputation for providing top class sports massage. Without Dub providing treatment on the table my recovery would have been a lot slower and would have hindered my progress. Dub’s assessment and approach allowed him to target the key problem areas which allowed me to continue to put the hours into training. Dub’s treatment helped me accomplish my goal at Challenge Galway and I would highly recommend a visit to Dub at TDR Academy if you are training for a specific event or if you are putting some extra hours into your training schedule. Top job from a true gent!"

G. Cross (Cyclist) Oct 2016


"As an avid road cyclist I've been attending TDR Academy for around a year for Pre and Post event sports massage. The combination of hard training, club riding and a busy lifestyle, can put serious strain on my muscles and I’ve found Gary's massage techniques hugely beneficial in terms of better flexibility, less muscle tightness and pain with improved suppleness. I have felt really positive results in being able to achieve better power output on the bike and hence improved overall performance."

R. Logan (Northern Cycle Club) Oct 2016


"As a racing cyclist I have attended the TDR academy on several occasions this year to avail of the sports massage offered there by Gary Wilson. Gary is a very experienced cyclist and as a result is very well qualified to provide high quality massage, having also worked with professional cycling teams in the past couple of seasons as a masseur.  The Academy itself is very well equipped and laid out. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

H. Booth (previously a NI Junior, now A3 CAT) Oct 2016


"A friend told me about TDR Academy and now I get booked in the following day after long sportives and get a no rush massage with Gary Wilson. A value for money service and a great location."

N. Smyth (B group cyclist, Northern CC) Oct 2016

Testimonials for Olga Edwards

"Olga is great, she's professional & informative whilst making you feel at ease in her Pilates class.
She even gave us DOMS after her second class!"

C. Oliphant (Marathon runner and Pilates student) July 2017


"From the moment you meet Olga she instantly makes you feel relaxed.  When in class, she explains the exercises very clearly and helps you out discreetly if you need extra help.  I would highly recommend going to any of Olga's classes."

L. Hueston July 2017

Testimonials for Jo Burns


"I cannot recommend Jo highly enough!  She is a very pleasant, professional, informative and caring instructor.  I really enjoy her classes."

H. Rainey 2017

"Currently I attend Tanya's Pilates class and thought of pushing myself a bit more this week, so decided to give Jo's Total Body Stretch class a go!  As always the classes are small, they are different in their own way, but if you are looking a fantastic warm up, all over stretch, and then the most perfect time to relax, then definitely book a class with Jo! Not only is she amazing at her job she's lovely too!"

L. Hueston  Aug 2017


Testimonials for Nicki Fulcher


"Of all the yoga classes I have been to, Nicki's have been the most rewarding. Her classes are highly motivating with clear instruction and demonstration. She supports and guides everyone in the class individually, encouraging everyone to work at their own level. I always leave Nicki's class feeling better than I did when I went in."

Fiona, Larne Jan 2018


"I started the beginners yoga in Larne in May 2017, nervous and not knowing what to expect as I had never done yoga before. Nicki the instructor was not only patient but took time to show the yoga moves. The classes are relaxed and enjoyable, while still getting a good yoga workout."

Noreen, Larne, Jan 2018


"I have been taking yoga classes with Nicki for the past 3 - 4 years. Nicki has excellent communication skills and is a very empathetic teacher. I started as a total beginner and now attend 2 of her classes. Nicki creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere - there is often laughter during her classes. In both large and small classes Nicki makes everyone feel included. She monitors the class closely and generally offers several modifications for a pose, so that those with some limitation can continue with the class. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a Yoga Instructor."

Margaret, Gleno, Jan 2018


"I’ve been going to Nicki’s classes for around 9 years and can say that her skill, professionalism and approach as a yoga instructor is top class. On top of this it is, without doubt, her warm and cheerful personality has led her to building a group of loyal aspiring yogis wherever she teaches.”

Tricia B , Antrim, Jan 2018


"I have been attending Nicki's yoga classes for years and they are not to be missed! They give my body a good stretch out, and at the same time give my mind a time out from the stresses of everyday life."

Sharon, Larne, Jan 2018


"I have been attending Nicki’s class for about 8 years now and can highly recommend her classes.  The lessons are well-structured so participants can gradually build up a number of skills in order to attempt a final pose.  I really enjoy the fact that Nicki explains carefully how the body should work in poses so an understanding can be developed and there is a sense of achievement as you progress.  Nicki is very attentive to individual injuries or situations which may affect particular movement and will always suggest alternatives. I find her classes varied and challenging and feel my strength and flexibility have improved greatly over the years."

Alison S, Antrim, Jan 2018