Olga Edwards

Pilates Instructor


I work full time and have a hobby in Sugar Craft and generally I love being an all round Crafter! I didn’t start paying attention to my body and its health until my thirties. I did the mandatory sports at school, hockey and running, and I dabbled in the odd aerobics class and tai-bo in my twenties. However, it wasn’t until I attended a Pole fitness class that I realised my body had the potential to do amazing things and I was intent on finding out what!  Not put off by those who had a background in gymnastics and dance (and maybe had a few less years under their belt), I decided to investigate how I could become stronger and more flexible, and in 2012, this led me to TDR Academy and Tanya’s Pilates classes.

TDR Academy offered a fabulous space for me to discover and experiment with what my body could do.  Tanya creates an environment that encourages you to believe that no matter what your age, size, ability or past experience your body has the potential to become better, and it was within this environment with regular weekly practice in Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Yoga and training in Aerial Fitness that I discovered my love for Pilates. I also practice Acroyoga when I get the time!!

First and foremost - I love Pilates!

My desire to teach Pilates is a bit evangelical. I found that I would tell everyone and anyone who would listen that they should try Pilates. I knew from my other classes at TDR (aerial yoga and the aerial fitness workshops) and from my full time job that I felt a real satisfaction helping and assisting people to get better at what they do, and then someone planted the seed – why don’t you teach?

I hope to pass on my love for Pilates to everyone who attends my classes. Not only does Pilates strengthen your core muscles (and all those little tiny ones we tend to ignore), and improve your posture, it also gives you confidence in yourself and your abilities with progression that you can see and feel.


Courses completed to date:

  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork - 01/07/2017

I have attended the following workshops:

  • Pole Fitness Workshop with María Luz Escalante (world class level) - 2009
  • Yoga Practice Workshop with John Bell, Santosha - 2010
  • Various workshops with Tina Segner, of Tumble Circus, in handstands, trapeze, partner acrobatics - 2015-2017
  • AcroYoga practice sessions with Rob Patterson - from July - Sept 2017
  • Posture Analysis & Correction Advice Workshop with Tanya Ross - Nov 2017

I am also fully insured through Balens specialists for Health and Wellbeing Professionals.


  • Teaching Pilates classes, as a student teacher, in TDR Academy - April - June 2017.
  • Volunteer - assistant teacher in Aerial Fitness classes - April 2017 to date.
  • Teaching Pilates Matwork classes, as a qualified instructor, in TDR Academy from July 2017 - to date.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me.  I look forward to seeing you at TDR Academy.